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Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Bulimia is Curable" guerrilla toilet stickering

Hey all. I just got word about ProMädchen's (ProGirl) in-your-face guerrilla campaign that targets sufferers of bulimia by stickering the inside of toilet lids. Way to go right to the source.

What do you think? Know any other projects like this? Let me know.


  1. Hi Julia, yah, actually, I do...check out the archives here:

    The guerrilla commode intervention has the shock impact in the same way the 'nutrient label' on the outdoor trash can does for the homeless/hungry campaign...Google cause marketing and guerrilla tactics; there's some interesting work out there.

  2. Awesome! The more info we have the better. And I find that the more I hear about work other people are doing, the more I feel we're collectively changing society.