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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Power, Money, + Sexism - A personal tale and feminist action point

Today I received an enewsletter from ING (I have an account there) of which the first headline reads “Is that a bank branch in your pocket or...?”--the rest of the phrase as we all know, is, “or are you happy to see me?”  

This really stuck out to me – a sexual innuendo that places men on the top of a sexist power dynamic should not be a ‘cute’ headline from a financial institution, yet sexism is so embedded in our culture that this headline could seem harmless, attention-grabbing, or funny.

I wrote an email to DailyWorth (a great blog with financial tips and resources aimed at women) to see if we could harness reader power in the form of letter or petition: I want to let ING know that sexist old boys’ humor and modern money management don’t go together.  I'll let you know if I hear from DailyWorth, and in the meantime, feel free to write your own letter or make some calls!

I’m a big fan of ING and the services and information offered me as a patron, and I often recommend the company to my friends—seems it’s time to remind them that women are among their smartest and most independent, loyal customers too (and that their most lucrative male customers will be thinking with their brains, not, pocket bank branches).

 Whad'ya say, activists?!


  1. Wildly uncalled for headline. Keep us updated.

  2. 很喜歡看看別人的生活故事,謝謝您的分享哦~~...............................................................

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