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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Join the In Her Image Facebook group!

Help me join the 21st century (better late than never, right? ;) by joining my "In Her Image" group on Facebook! I've also got a "Julia Barry" profile and would love to link up there too. (And, if you're on LinkedIn, you can find me there too.)

Got other ideas for how I should reach out? Post 'em here!


  1. Julia-

    Absolutely fantastic site/blog! Your work is kick-butt-inspiring...

    Having a young d dx with an eating disorder last year, and advocating for her every step of the way can be a considerable challenge but is so worth the effort to change minds, open dialogue and hearts!

    It can also be a very isolating fight- so I'm always grateful to see how individuals, such as yourself, are also 'Take-ing Action' and not settling for the status quo.

    Keep up the excellent work!


  2. Yes, women's struggles to be healthy, respected individuals so often leads to isolation! I'm all about sisterhood and working together, and I really appreciate your support :) Keep up the good work, and keep me updated!