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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Help save New Moon - 3 easy options!

Just got word from the fantastic girls' media company that despite tightening their belts, they will go out of business in December unless everyone can take a second to help!  Here are 3 really easy things you can do:

* Sponsoring memberships for libraries, schools and programs serving low-income girls. It's quick and easy to sponsor one, ten or 100 girls - every dollar matters!
* Buying memberships for all girls 8-14 that you know. Our holiday special saves you 50% after the first order.
* Telling everyone what you value about New Moon. Link to us, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share with your FB friends and Tweeps.

I urge you to act now so the media universe for girls won't be totally dominated by, Seventeen magazine, and worse.  There really is nothing more important than nurturing a creative, confident next generation of girls, so please do anything and everything you can to help New Moon survive! 

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