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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Break the Cycle (Kotex*) – Finally, an ad campaign I like

Wow, finally an ad campaign I like!

This Break the Cycle site set up by Kotex encourages women to be real about their periods, and to share their experiences. I dig that "Break the Cycle" is a very transparent campaign--it focuses on its product to sell its product (rather than showing a women's body to sell something unrelated like alcohol or cars)--and pokes fun, Sarah Haskins style, at traditional ad campaigns for pads and tampons that treat periods as a taboo subject.

I also like that, unlike other campaigns that have allied themselves with you, the consumer, to sneakily get you to still feel bad about yourself and therefore buy their product (see Victoria's Secret's latest "I Love My Body" campaign still advertised on the standard thin, buxom models), the "Break the Cycle" site is itself a public service to women while selling a product actually helpful to them.

All that said, not sure how I feel about the mainstream part of the "U by Kotex" ad campaign that features a stuffed animal beaver...but still want to give kudos where kudos are due.

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